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Why you should use linux os?

We are know one thing and that is linux os is opensource and free operating system. Many of computer user use linux operating system . Ok here is one question and that is why they are use linux operating system. No problem lets start to say , whats the cause? I write linux merits step by step.


If your computer shuts itself down without asking you, if strange windows with text you don't understand and all kinds of advertisements appear when you don't ask for them, if emails get sent to all your contacts without your knowing it, then your computer probably has a virus. The main reason for this is because it runs Windows.
Linux hardly has any viruses. And that's not like "Oh well, not very often, you know". That's like "If you've ever heard of a real Linux virus, please tell me". Of course, a Linux virus is not impossible to get. However, Linux makes it very hard for this to happen, for several reasons:
  • Most people use Microsoft Windows, and pirates want to do as much damage (or control) as possible: therefore, they target Windows. But that's not the only reason; the Apache web server (a web server is a program located on a remote computer that sends web pages to your browser when you ask for them), which is open source software, has the biggest market share (against Microsoft's IIS server), but it still suffers from much fewer attacks/flaws than the Microsoft one.
  • Linux uses smart authorization management. In Windows you (and any program you install) usually have the right to do pretty much anything to the system. If you feel like punishing your PC because it just let your precious work disappear, you can go inside the system folder and delete whatever you want: Windows won't complain. Of course, the next time you reboot, trouble begins. But imagine that if you can delete this system stuff, other programs can, too, or just mess it up. Linux doesn't allow that. Every time you request to do something that has to do with the system, an administrator password is required (and if you're not an administrator on this system, you simply can't do it). Viruses can't just go around and delete or modify what they want in the system; they don't have the authorization for that.
  • More eyes make fewer security flaws. Linux is Open source software, which means that any programmer in the world can have a look at the code (the "recipe" of any program), and help out, or just tell other developers "Hey, what if blah blah, isn't this a security flaw?".
Is your system unstable?

Have you ever lost your precious work because Windows crashed? Do you always shut down your computer the proper way, or do you sometimes just switch it off because Windows has gone crazy and doesn't let you do anything anymore? Have you ever gotten the "blue screen of death" or error messages telling you that the computer needs to be shut down for obscure reasons?
The latest versions of Windows, especially the "Professional" ones are becoming more stable than before. Nevertheless this kind of problem still happens fairly often.
Of course, no operating system is perfect, and people who tell you that theirs can never ever crash are lying. However, some operating systems can be so stable that most users never see their systems crash, even after several years. This is true for Linux. Here's a good way to see this. When a system crashes, it needs to be shut down or restarted. Therefore, if your computer can stay up and running for a long time, no matter how much you use it, then you can say the system is stable. Well, Linux can run for years without needing to be restarted (most INTERNET servers run Linux, and they usually never restart). Of course, with heavy updates, it still needs to be restarted (the proper way). But if you install Linux, and then use your system as much as you want, leaving your computer on all the time, you can go on like that for years without having any trouble.
Most of the time, you won't leave your computer on for such a long time, but this shows how stable Linux is.

Don't pay 100$ for your os!
Linux is free and open source and free for all so friend why you buy a operating system.

linux give us a freedom. Just has a simple license agreement (gpl).

linux software is the easy to install and surfing. No needed web search for a software. All software in one place. Just add or remove.

Serial key or crack file

As a computer user I see many computer user download a crack file or serial key. Cause they have no legal copy soft. Why you do this? Many times that crack file or serial key does not working. its illegal also. But linux software is free for all no license key needed. So friend start use linux from now!

Bug fixing

If you find a bug in Windows, you can basically wait and pray that Microsoft will fix it fast (and if it compromises your system's security, you would have to pray twice as hard). You might think that reporting that bug to Microsoft (so that they can fix it more quickly) must be easy. Well, think again. Here is an interesting article about this. What if Microsoft doesn't even notice the bug? Well then, let's hope the next version of Windows will fix it (but you'll need to pay another few hundred bucks).

Nearly all open source software (including Linux distributions) have a bug tracking system. You can not only file bug reports (and you're encouraged to do so!) explaining what the problem is, but you can see what happens next : everything is open and clear for everyone. Developers will answer, they also might ask a little extra information to help them fix the bug. You will know when the bug has been fixed, and you will know how to get the new version (still for free, needless to say). So here you have people taking care of your problems, keeping you informed about it, and all that for free! If the problem is solved on your system, it will be on everyone else's : it's in everyone's interest to work together to make software better. This is how open source works.

So friend now take your decision , what operating system you use.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Greenie linux introducing.


 What is Greenie Linux?

Greenie linux is free operational system assigned for everyday usage in households of Middle Europe. It is based on popular system called Ubuntu.


Project is not very deeply rooted yet. First experiments were called Elvenbuntu. This system was only "first-fruit" and has existed only for short period of time. For the real beginning of the project Greenie Linux - that time called Green Linux, we can consider the date of 14th September 2007. Today, only few days after, Linux has few testing releases, its own philosophy and a group of people with common thinking is forming around.


Greenie Linux has a different philosophy in comparison to his base Ubuntu. The main philosophy is possibility to choose. Usually a man has at least 2 possibilities. It's regular when choosing the software, version of distribution or the way how to work with the system. Greenie is OS which appreciate free software and that's why his basic version is absolutely free. At the same time there is a version where the free software exists with a software which is non-free. Possibility to choose is always up to user of Greenie.  

click here to visit official website.

                 My review!

Greenie linux is the great distribution in the all linux distribution. Os size-1.2gb. This distribution built in many open source soft. So new user fell happy to use greenie linux. Wine , gimp, cromium, and all other desired soft have built in greenie. No sound and video problem, simple installation and free. If you want then you can try it. it can run alongside other operating system. So new linux user should to use it.